Where to start!?

There are so many choices and options when it comes to improving or maintaining ones health. You can shop online or visit a store, but most of the time we don’t know where to start! Vitamins this, multi-vitamins that, protein, whey protein, biotin, collagen, gluten free, and the list goes on.

The greatness about VIVRI is that it contains 45 essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients in a simple and easy to use presentation. It doesn’t get easier than this! It’s practical, delicious and for the most part the entire family can enjoy it!


This: (Vegan, Diabetic Friendly, Kosher, non-gmo, Made un USA)

Or this: ??????????


Simply enter CONCINDY at checkout under promo code and receive FREE shipping until Friday April 6th.

Here’s the link to purchase: BUY HERE


Envió gratis hasta el viernes 6 de Abril! Simplemente ingresa CONCINDY a la salida en el carrito donde dice PROMO CODE.

Compra aquí: CLICK AQUI

It’s a family thing.

VIVRI is an Essential Nutrition System that can be shared with the family! Children ages 4 and up can consume Shake Me as part of their nutritional diet. Instill better nutrition habits at home with VIVRI!


It doesn’t matter where you start, the point is to START! Your gender, age, condition, etc. shouldn’t stop you.


No importa donde comienzas, solo COMIENZA! Tu sexo, edad, condición, etc. no deberían detenerte.


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